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The Debert Diefenbunker

Experience The Living History of The Bunker

About Fallout Complex

We operate a Cold War 64,000 sq/ft Fallout Shelter that was designed to keep 350 safe in a nuclear, biological, or chemical event. We now are offering space within this super structure that your organization can directly benefit from.

When isn’t it a good idea to have a nuclear hardened facility handling your physical and data storage security needs?!

Fallout Complex Inc. – Secure Storage & Space

Our Services

With 64,000 sq/ft of nuclear hardened space, there are a variety of services available at the Fallout Complex. We apply quality standards throughout all our operations. We are happy to assist your business to become a part of history here at the Debert Diefenbunker.

Secure Self Storage

Secure access to a unit within the bunker to keep your valuables secure under all human or natural disasters.

Leaseable Space

Locate your business at the bunker and have the most secure workspace in Canada.

Media Studio Time

Need studio time for your special sound? Make it happen at Top Secret Sounds, our own studio that will give your unique talent a special underground sound.

Data Center Services

From hosting to secure cloud storage, Data Security Node will meet and exceed your expectations of service.

The Bunker

With so many unique and special areas to the bunker. You need to see it to believe it. Take a look at just some of what Fallout Complex has to offer below.

Bunker for Rent

This historical and unique space can now be the location of your operation.

These photos represent just a portion of the space available within the bunker. Some of the space here was where Commanders, Premiers, and even NORAD once operated from.

By having the bunker as your location your business or organization will gain notoriety and a unique edge that will raise the profile of your operation in ways that it will never experience in just another 4 set of walls.

Location includes huge parking facilities and an airport for high profile visitors to easily visit.

Contact us today to find out if your business or organization will qualify to secure space within the safest destination in Canada.

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Data Security Node

  • Location: Code Name Samson Node
  • Feature: Shielded Double Steel Copper-Beryllium encased
  • Fire Prevention: Oxygen Depleted to 15%
  • Cooling: Free Water and Free Air
  • Capacity: 100 Racks

As natural and man made disasters continue to change the landscape of our definition of ‘secure’ for data storage facilities, the Data Security Node within the Debert Diefenbunker offers a new level of service unparalleled. Originally designed for military NATO communication security, today it now serves the worldwide need for greater security for the data needs of today.

Passion, Security, Performance and Success!
The most secure data center in North America

Managed services are provided from this specially secured area within the bunker. Opportunities for collocation within the bunker may also be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Bunker Cafe

Bunker Cafe

The bunker designed to keep 350 people safe in the event of chemical, biological, or nuclear fallout, they needed a place to eat. This cafe was operational for nearly 50 years with a capacity to seal approximately 115 at a time. The kitchen was certified for food safety back in 2006 and still has working ovens, friers, skillet top, and dish washing area. Also complete with walk in veggie cooler, and meat locker. This is the perfect venue to the restaurateur who has been looking to offer the most unique dining or cafe experience in all of North America.

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  • A local DEBERT Nova Scotia Company that is slowly growing and building, once ONLINE this place will be simple put Nuclear BUNKER Proofed DATA Secured OVER : You ROGER THAT. YES indeed GRATZ to a new beginning and bring jobs to the local community

    Patrick Ryan via Facebook
  • Five stars for this place. Not only a pieces of Canadian history but also the perfect movie location.

    Marc Deveault via Facebook